Sunday, June 5, 2011

when you are 18 years old, (which i am) you spend a lot of time thinking about what you are doing with your life (which i do).
there are times when i am so hopeful for the future, and others where i just want to curl in a ball for the rest of my life. but that is life. the time when i feel most motivated and seem to find answers to my questioning thoughts is when i listen to music. music has such a deep meaning to me. and there are songs that when i listen to them, i feel like i can do every possible dream i have.

these are a few of those songs:
sinking friendships- jonsi
kolniĆ°ur- jonsi
grow til tall- jonsi
hoppipolla- sigur ros
festival- sigur ros
remember me as a time of day- explosions in the sky
your hand in mine- explosions in the sky
time- hans zimmer
re:stacks- bon iver
music for a nurse- oceansize
the escapist- coldplay

there are so many more, but you should definitely check these few out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

let me introduce you to the cutest kids on the planet.

...until i have my own.

little baby oliver.

little miss ivy.

i am pretty much obsessed with my niece and nephew. i love them.

Friday, May 6, 2011

dear jacob,
i promise to keep my promise to you and blog once a week...
so because of that, i dedicate this post to you.

you are my best friend. thanks for all the fun times and the best memories ever.

here are some photographs/proof of our awesome times.

this is the first photo ever taken that is proof of us as gf/bf. ha

nerf guns battles. i am still finding darts all over my apartment. its the best.

relaxing on your monster sack after just dance competitions.

las vegas trips. pure, non-stop fun.

festival of colors. not exactly the funnest experience (with you being sick and me getting chalk thrown in my face) but we definitely bonded.

and of course LEAS. lowe's extreme air sports. where you finally taught me how to do a double front flip.

basically you are the best. and every good memory i have of college life, is because of you.


Monday, January 31, 2011

i'm baaaacccck!

oh herro, people.

i just haven't been in the blogging mood as of late. but now, things have changed.
i am about to update you on all the things i have been up to:

going to nyc for christmas and new years!

it was very nice spending time with my family.

it wasn't very nice being in tons of freaking snow.

the nicest thing was probably meeting this little guy.
my nephew, oliver joseph morris.

i am still just going to school at paul mitchell, and i must say... i am getting pretty beast at doing hair.
i recently just got a job at a place called RESPONSE. basically... i am gonna be calling erybody to see if they want to sign up for seminars.
i went snowboarding for the first time last week. even though i was sure i was never going to get up and actually be able to go down the mountain, i didn't do to shabby! i actually did pretty good if i say so myself, with only a few wipeouts. there was one time where i just had to lay there for a few minutes before i realized what happened.
worst thing that has happened? emily moved back to las vegas. i miss our weekly dates.

but what do i do with the majority of my time?
i play JUST DANCE with this kid.

we have a lot of fun :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

spaghetti tacos and paint wars

so, i got bored of that "post something about yourself" thing everyday. maybe i will finish it another time.

but! what i do have to tell you is what my and my beloved roommates (including jake, skyler, and adam) did last night. we covered the walls of our apartment and finger painted all over them. while doing this, we filled taco shells with spaghetti and ate them! thanks to iCarly, we now have a new delicious meal that according to haddy, we will be having weekly. it was definitely a night to remember.

updates: got a new roomate (ashley, she is awesome), i am dating someone (jacob), i have some great new friends (adam, zach, skyler)

oh also, the best game ever is zombie hide in go seek. but that's another story.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DAY 19:

alrighty. i am really confused about what the subject should be for day 19. so! i am just going to do...


daniel moore. ever since i entered the halls of advanced technologies academy, this kid has been my best friend. we can read each other like a book. even if i had my brave face on, he could tell instantly if something was wrong. he is always there to talk to, especially in the smegol voice. this guy made high school bearable.

heather and kylee whittle. we partied hard at a young age, we party hard now. years and years of memories are stored in my head. nothing is boring with these girls around. and that is why i love them.

emily elisabeth stolworthy
from the age 2 to 18. we were inseparable. no one could make me laugh more and feel more like myself. through the years, friends faded and went; but never this girl. she is my rock, the one person i know would be there. i have always wanted to be like emily. not one person in the world isn't in love with her shining personality. she is one of the most beautiful young ladies in the world and i am proud to have been her best friend growing up.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 18: (part two)

this picture also brings me joy.
my niece is on the right. i love her.